Seller Terms

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If you are a new seller looking to raffle your items at RaffleBazaar, please read this entire document carefully as it outlines how the process works. If you have a quick question, check the FAQs here. If you can’t find your answer, Contact Us directly here.

How It Works

Note from Jeannie: Greetings! I’m so glad you’re here. Please keep in mind as you read this document that this is a brand new website. Raffle tickets won’t go on sale until we have 100 items ready to go! Help this idea along and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! There is absolutely no risk to you at the moment. I’m working to gather sellers and artists who share my vision and faith in this endeavor for Raffle Bazaar to become another leading way to market and sell your handmade and vintage items. I’ll double check with everyone who submits an item before starting the raffle to be sure you’re still in. For now, I’m looking for at least 100 artists who are willing to submit at least one product. This way we can fill the site with beautiful things and bring in the buyers! Please consider submitting an item after you read through the following. Thanks for showing up! I appreciate it greatly!

Raffle events run each calendar month. The deadline for listing your item for the next calendar month is the 25th of the previous month, ie: you submit your item on November 24th, it will be listed (as long as it’s an approved item) for the December Raffle. Your item will be up for raffle for the entire month of December.

  1. Submit Your Item using the form located HERE. There is no cost to submit and list an item on Raffle Bazaar.
  2. We’ll approve and list your item up for raffle for the following calendar month
  3. You and we will promote the site and your item via email and other social media sites frequently through the listing month
  4. Shoppers will come and (hopefully) buy raffle tickets for your item
  5. When the calendar month ends, we will tally up raffle tickets for your item and determine a winner using a random number generator system
  6. You will be notified with contact information for your winner
  7. You will contact the winner directly and arrange for shipping/delivery of the winning item
  8. Once you have provided us with tracking info for the item in transit, we will make payment via paypal for your 50% of the total earnings. See Shipping and Payment sections below for further clarification.

Acceptable Items to List for Raffle

Items acceptable to list will be handmade, vintage and/or unique. We strive to keep the selection on RaffleBazaar unique and interesting. Basically anything you’ve made or have bought while thrifting is acceptable and interesting to our customers. No new items. Example: If it’s a cool and unique item that is in ‘new’ condition, that’s different from a new Super Mario figurine you bought on sale at Walmart. We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason and with no explanation. All items will be previewed before going live on the site.

  • Handmade (made by you or someone else)
  • Vintage (new in package or used items that were made a while ago)
  • Used and Unique (items that are unique and ‘cool’ that will create interest and buzz)
  • Items that fit nicely within one of our categories (list of categories below)
    • Apparel & Accessories
    • Art & Sculpture
    • Babies & Kids
    • Crafts & Supplies
    • Gifts & Sundries
    • Holiday & Seasonal
    • Home Decor & Furnishings
    • Jewelry & Trinkets
    • Lotions & Potions
    • Nature & Garden
    • Pets & Wildlife
    • Wood & Signs

Items Not Accepted

  • New items that can be found at any big box store
  • Items purchased wholesale for the purpose of reselling (some exceptions apply)
  • Example: A pair of white Keds you found in a clearance bin for $2…. that’s boring. Sorry.


  • We will notify the winning shopper directly of their prize.
  • We will notify both you and the winner directly with contact info for prize claiming.
  • You are responsible for shipping your item to the winning shopper.
  • Winner has 30 days to contact you to claim prize.
  • You are required to make (if necessary) and ship the item within 14 days from contact by the winning shopper.
  • Any disputes regarding shipping, such as item’s not received or misplaced by the carrier will be handled directly between you and the winning shopper.


  • You will be paid 50% of your item’s final raffle ticket revenue. There is a $2 minimum charge by Raffle Bazaar if your item sells.
    • Example 1: Your item brings in $0. Neither party owes the other a fee.
    • Example 2: Your item brings in $2. Raffle Bazaar will retain $2 for administrative and website fees.
    • Example 3: Your item brings in $3. Raffle Bazaar will retain $2 for administrative and website fees. You will be paid the remaining $1.50.
    • Example 4: Your item brings in $50 in revenue. Raffle Bazaar will pay you $25 (50% of your item’s revenue)
  • All payments are made via Paypal. Please be aware Paypal charges a fee to receive money. This is a standard cost of doing business. If you suggestions for another method of transferring funds, contact us and we will consider it.
  • Payments will be made once the item ships and tracking information is emailed to us.
  • If you fail to ship the item to the winning buyer, we will reimburse the buyer directly (as outlined on the Buyer FAQs) and your participation on Raffle Bazaar will be terminated.

Worst Case Scenario

In order to outline clear expectations for how Raffle Bazaar works, please read the following points:

  • If no one purchases a raffle ticket for your item, you will not be required to send the item and therefore will not be out any time or money. However, you will hopefully have gained attention and followers to your site, online pages and social media links, possibly creating future buyers for you.
  • If only a handful of people purchase a raffle ticket for your item, this would be worst case scenario and could be viewed as a type of ‘giveaway’ on your part. Raffle Bazaar splits the total revenue for your item with you (see Payments above for the exact breakdown). If your item is valued at $19 and only brought in $5 in raffle ticket revenue, you would be paid $2.50 and therefore you would ‘lose money’ based on your item’s value. It’s entirely up to you how you would like to proceed in future months if this is the case. Of course, it is our hope that you will get lots of attention, such as you would by participating in an Instagram Giveaway, by receiving likes, followers and potential future customers. In this case, you may see listing more items on Raffle Bazaar as profitable in a different way.
  • Obviously, best case scenario will be awesome. If your item is valued at $19 and 75 people purchase a raffle ticket (example), you will receive half the proceeds and will therefore have gained more income than the initial value of the item. In this case, YAY!


If you’ve read and understood all of the above and you’re ready to start submitting your items to Raffle Bazaar, please use the Submit Your Item form here.